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"Travel is never a matter of money, but of courage."

Your customized solo travels itinerary
AKA The relief of all anxieties 

All of your life you have been dreaming of this moment. The day you don’t just say “yes” to yourself, but “HELL YEAH”. No more waiting for your friends to finally save enough money, just to end up flaking out the last minute. No more listening to that voice in your head about all of the things that could go wrong, of all of the things you should be afraid of. The time is now. You know this is what you need. Your Eat Pray Love moment is coming.

But where to begin? Yeah, you’ve gone to a few bachelorette parties before and even did that volunteer backpacking program with some friends over the summer. But this is different. 

If you’ve been asking wondering about:

  • Visas
  • Which countries are worth exploring 
  • How many places you have time to visit
  • General safety
  • The weather
  • Transportation costs/preferences
  • What to pack
  • Budgeting
  • Socializing and not truly feeling alone the whole time
  • Exploring your regular hobbies, just in a new place

Well, you’ve come to the right place. 

When The Nomad’s Direction launched in 2016, it was started because our founder was so inspired by the questions she’d receive about her backpacking trips that she wanted to create a service that would help other people know that they, too, can travel this way. They didn’t need to be rich to travel the world, and they absolutely didn’t need to be with a group. It really can be done on your own. Although since 2016 our company demographic has expanded to all kinds of travelers and types of trips, there is a special place in our hearts when we get to empower our clients to take that leap and travel by themselves.
It’s time to let go of that Notes file in your iPhone you’ve had since 2017 of all of your “bucket list countries” and allow yourself to turn those dreams into a reality. Start by filling out our questionnaire which will tell us a bit more about who you are and what you’re looking for out of this experience, and together we will work to create the trip of a lifetime for you.

Your travel coordinator will work one on one with you to:

  • Analyze your questionnaire responses and point you in the right direction for a destination if you haven’t picked one yet
  • Assist with flight recommendations to ensure you get the best price
  • Chat through e-mail to answer any questions you may have throughout the planning process
  • Suggest daily activities like hiking or walking around the city
  • Recommend the best accommodations to book  in the best locations, which will all match your general style and budget
  • Direct you towards the best restaurants and nightlife opportunities
  • Bring you an overwhelming sense of peace and comfort when the thought of your upcoming trip comes to mind
Our solo clients’ favorite thing about purchasing a Nomad’s Direction itinerary is that they can refer back to this handy document at any time. You may find that halfway through the trip, you feel like you’ve gotten it down and trust yourself enough to let the universe guide you more than the itinerary. We love that! And encourage it! Just know that in the moments where you just can’t seem to pinpoint where you’d like to grab lunch, or can’t remember the name of the epic sunrise hike we mentioned, the itinerary is always in your emails for you to pull up at any moment and will continue doing it’s job of directing you on your trip. 


What our customers have to say:

From Lindsey

I can't say enough good things about The Nomad's Direction. I decided to embark on a two-month solo trip through Europe and was filled with questions and uncertainties going into it. They created a customized itinerary for me that brought me to 11 countries, covering every city I wanted to visit and adding others that I hadn't even considered. Their recommendations took me to some of the best hostels throughout Europe and magnificent UNESCO World Heritage Sites, trails and hikes, gorgeous bookstores and libraries, delicious bars and restaurants, museums, parks, monuments, cathedrals and so much more. They eased absolutely all of my concerns and assured me that I was stronger than I believed, championing my trip every step of the way. Because of the confidence The Nomad's Direction gave me, I cannot wait to begin planning my next trip. Thank you The Nomad’s Direction!”
Lindsey pictured here in Paris, about halfway through her solo trip

From Gabby

“Planning trips to other countries has always been difficult for me...I don't know where to look. Yes, the internet is a big place with a ton of options, but it can be overwhelming: Where do I stay? What do I do? What do I eat? What is worth my time? How do I do everything that I want within my budget? I've had itineraries (from travel agencies) made for me, but they're expensive and are often just general lists of typical touristy things that I don't necessarily want to do. Nomad's Direction created a personalized itinerary that was just for me: safe hostels, great unique markets, restaurants, and sight seeing. When I say it was packed with information, I'm not lying. But it wasn't just a list of things for me to do slabbed onto a word document; it was carefully crafted and even filled with personal anecdotes. And most importantly, I was given OPTIONS. There is nothing worse than not having anything to do if your original plan didn't pan out. I never had that problem because there were always various activities for me to choose from. In case a hostel I liked didn't work out, I had another one listed as well as an Airbnb. If I didn't feel like going sight-seeing that day, I could check out the museums and art galleries that were suggested! I could go on forever about how Nomad's Direction left me feeling comfortable traveling... but I'll leave you with this: why are you reading the reviews instead of beginning your questionnaire? I'll be coming back. I always will.
Gabby on a hike in Ireland

Matt says

Unbelievable. The peace of mind TND provides is priceless. I really don’t know where else you can get an itinerary personalized the way they do it. It took away all the stress of planning my first solo trip through south east asia. I was able to put my trust in them and just relax and enjoy while they lead me through 4 different countries and several life changing experiences. My itinerary came loaded with adventures for each location so I was never without something to do. Simply buy the ticket and let TND send you on the trip of a lifetime. I Won’t travel again without it.
Matt in his element, hiking in Vietnam