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Let's Plan Your Dream Honeymoon!

Personalized Honeymoon Itineraries

Planning a honeymoon used to be fun. Now it’s pretty disheartening with the advent of a global pandemic. But that doesn’t mean you can’t still celebrate your love with a COVID friendly vacation! But where do you start?


 Dan and Aria sharing a kiss alongside a mountain front lake in Austria. 

The stress of planning a wedding often leads to a less than enthusiastically planned honeymoon. But that shouldn’t be the case. A honeymoon is meant to be a time to connect with your partner, focus on things other than your wedding, and most of all, to have fun! The Nomad’s Direction specializes in planning customized honeymoons for every type of couple. Whether you want an adventure packed honeymoon in the mountains or would prefer to spend time in an all-inclusive resort in the tropics, we’ve got you covered.


Too often, the wedding itself takes up so much time to plan that honeymoon plans fall through the cracks.

Don't let that happen -- hire The Nomad’s Direction.

Our travel coordinators are also seasoned world travelers, which means they are trained and experienced specialists who combine their personal expertise with the professionalism and punctuality required for the perfect itinerary -- while you get to keep your attention on things like RSVP counts, wedding day timelines, and seating charts. 

Working with The Nomad’s Direction is truly one of the most magical gifts you can give yourself during the wedding planning process.


Your travel coordinator will:

  • Analyze your questionnaire and call responses and point you in the right direction for a destination if you haven’t picked one yet

  • Create a totally customized travel itinerary with options for activities, sightseeing, and accommodations based on your interests and budget

    • Recommend the best hotels and Airbnbs to book in the best locations, which will all match your general style and budget

    • Direct you towards the best restaurants and nightlife opportunities

  • Assist with flight recommendations to ensure you get the best price

  • Be available through e-mail to answer any questions that may arise during the planning process

  • Provide up to 3 edits to your itinerary based on your feedback

The result? An overwhelming sense of peace when the thought of your honeymoon comes to mind.

You won't be losing out on the fun of putting together your honeymoon, because the itinerary comes with the suggestions and guidance. It’s still up to you and your partner to decide which of the recommended hotels tickle your fancy and book those together. But we can do the actually booking of everything, too, for an additional fee!

    You have to make a million decisions when it comes to planning the wedding. For your honeymoon, let us do the work of sorting through all the options, reviews, blogs, and recommendations, and present to you the perfect options that will turn into your incredible honeymoon.


     Jessica and Jake posing in Positano, Italy.


    Honeymoon and mini-moon itineraries start at $99 for 2-3 days. Fill out our commitment-free form below to get started!

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    What our customers have to say

    From Brittany and Sebastian:

    Everything about The Nomads Direction is amazing, from start to finish. I am now on my third planned trip with her.

    They first planned our honeymoon to Italy for two weeks. We will be going to Colorado in December, and she will also be planning a family vacation with my mom and my grandparents next spring.

    Our itineraries have been everything we wanted and more- the perfect mix of must-see tourist attractions as well as non-touristy hidden gems. All of the hotels/AirBnB's that they recommended have been outstanding. They make the whole process so easy by literally providing you with the link to book specific things for specific dates.

    I love how they give you so many choices which allows you to still have control over your own trip while being guided along the way. We will be using The Nomads Direction for all of our trips in the future!

    The itineraries are WELL WORTH the money! I would never go back to using a traditional travel agent or try planning on my own - it just doesn't compare.

    Thank you so much for giving us the honeymoon of a lifetime and we can't wait for our future adventures!

    Brittany and Sebastian in Colombia, the fourth trip planned for them by The Nomad's Direction.

    From Emily & Ian

    If you want to experience a fantastic trip without the stress associated with picking where to go — the actual place and/or what to do once you arrive — stop stressing about it and book The Nomad’s Direction NOW.

    This service is so worth the extremely reasonable investment - to have an experienced and empathetic planner do the work of providing you options that work for you based on getting to know your preferences and goals through an easy-to-fill-out form and easy communication thereafter. Plus, once the itinerary is delivered, you get up to 3 edits, ie, you can provide some feedback.

    This means no more needing to sort through HUNDREDS of reviews, articles, options, price comparisons - remove everything that sucks the joy out of trip planning and keep the good stuff - selecting your final choices based on super relevant and the perfect options Nomad provides to you.

    The first trip planned for us was to Norway — a place we knew nothing about, but she recommended when we said we wanted a mostly nature-based trip and because she helped us find a super cheap flight there. Recommendations about travel and where to go when once we were there were things we would have never know — when to fly vs drive vs ferry. It was 10 perfect days of 4 cities - incredible Airbnbs and hotels and hikes recommended - and still things that we chose on our own or just happened upon. Having the structure provided by Nomad was KEY!

    We went back to Nomad to have our mini-moon planned. We picked the destination, Jamaica, and they recommended the most epic resort that really made the trip. We plan to go back every year! Alex is also great for recommending excursions and activities that aren’t the #1 tourist spots — but are just as good if not better, because those are always too packed and usually fall below expectations and are too commercial / don’t support locals as much.

    If you’ve never used a travel planner, use The Nomad’s Direction for your next trip - you’re likely to never do it yourself again! And will start enjoying your trips way more than ever before!

    Ian and Emily on a cliffside hike in Norway