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Group Trips

 Customized Group Travel Itineraries
AKA The Savior to Your Disorganized Group Chat


Picture this: you've finally come to the point in planning a bachelor or bachelorette party or you've finally convinced your friends to take a trip. You send a group text with the full breakdown : cost per person for flights, how much it will be for the ubers, the food menus available for your friends who just hopped on the vegan train, and the friendly reminder to get tickets soon because they’ve already been on sale for a week and you don’t want to miss out. Everyone responds within the hour and flights are booked by the very next day. Heavenly, isn’t it? We can almost hear the birds chirping and harps playing to commemorate the ease of getting everyone on the same page.

Well, we may not be able to guarantee the speediness in responses by your pals, but we can definitely bring the organization to a T and take over your usual role as being “the one who always plans everything”. Because hey, you have a life too. And as much as you want to say that your 20 something year old friends are old enough to figure it out, we also know that sometimes it’s easier to let someone else rally the troops.

So ditch the shared google docs and let the coordinators at The Nomad's Direction help you out. Our team of professionals will make sure you and your crew are prepared for the best trip of your lives with your customized travel itinerary, created specifically to your group. Your one friend hates Airbnb’s? Don’t worry - we can help you block out several rooms on the same floor of the hotel with the infinity pool you’ve been dying to flex on Instagram in. And give you a few back up plans to follow. Too often, the coolest activities for a group to experience together gets overlooked and saved for “maybe later.” Not anymore! 

This group's trip to catch Oktoberfest in Munich was the icing on the cake of their European vacation 

Working with The Nomad’s Direction is truly one of the best gifts you can surprise your friends with. No one can hold grudges against each other for a mishap in room assignments or not prioritizing the schedule in a way that works for everyone. With your personalized itinerary, everything is flexible and customizable. It works as a guide; the perfect PDF document for you all to have access to complete with links to menus, apps to download, direction to the best thrift stores, and whatever else your group desires on this trip.

From birthday weekend getaways to wine country to full on all - inclusive bachelorette parties, we provide what you’re stressing to get in order. Let us do the dirty work, so you can relax and enjoy the same way the rest of your group would! 


Your travel coordinator will:

  • Analyze your questionnaire responses and point you in the right direction for a destination if you haven’t picked one yet

  • Assist with flight recommendations to ensure you get the best price

  • Be available through e-mail to answer any questions that may arise during the planning process

  • Recommend the best hotels and Airbnb’s to book  in the best locations, which will all match your general style and budget

  • Direct you towards the best restaurants and nightlife opportunities

  • Bring you an overwhelming sense of peace when the thought of your upcoming trip comes to mind

    This group of girls snagged an amazing deal on a flight to Barcelona from their travel coordinator, where they were then able to hop over to the Balearic islands easily!

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