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Frequently Asked Questions

What exactly am I purchasing?

Elopements and Micro Weddings

Depending on your package, you'll be purchasing remote or on-site coordination or planning. Remotely, we'll work with you to do the research needed to make your elopement or micro wedding exactly what you imagined and custom to you. We'll research venues, ceremony locations, marriage laws, vendors and more. We create a day of timeline as well so even if we're not on-site, you know exactly what's being done where and when. If we are on-site, we handle everything on the day of your event, whether it be bustling a dress, wrangling family for photos, or literally anything you can think of, we've got you covered.

Honeymoons and Group Travel

A fully detailed + flexible guide for your upcoming trip, as well as the calm + comfort of not having to jam pack hours of meticulous research to do it yourself. Our standard itineraries include at least two options per location for accommodation, as well as a multitude of activities, eateries + nightlife. This grants you the choice + freedom to ultimately keep your vacation "yours." We're just the shortcut that gets you there!

Where can I see an example of
an itinerary you've made before?

Right here! Below is a video scrolling through an example of a completed itinerary designed for 2 women in their 20's traveling through Europe for 2.5 weeks.

Example Itinerary from alexandra spergel on Vimeo.


What makes The Nomad's Direction so qualified?

This company was created by a (now) 27 year old backpacker, who has managed to travel to 29 countries in her young life. The formula + approach used to create her own travels is the same guideline our company works within for our clients! The internet can turn into a spiraling black hole after a few hours with waaaay too many paths for you to end up down; and when you are planning a vacation, that can be extremely intimidating. Because of our first hand experience planning hundreds of customized itineraries for ourselves + for our clients, we know which bloggers, travel websites, and other resources are reliable + useful. We also input our own personal experiences based off of our own time spent in your destination of choice for more of an insight tangible for each client. 

On the wedding side of things, we've got just as much experience. We've planned  over 50 elopements, micro weddings, giant VIP events and everything in between. We're well versed in and have done weddings for a number of different religious and cultural practices. We've seen it all and put out many fires without the couple ever knowing because we believe the day of your wedding should be as stress free as possible. We believe love is love no matter who is involved. We'll do everything we can do make your event exactly what you dreamed it could be and more.

Can't I just go to my neighborhood
travel agent or wedding planner for this?

Though the travel agencies we've been using for years have been convenient in the past, the way we travel AND the way we get married is changing. Your trip or event should be personalized to who you are and what you're hoping to gain from your experience; not just to the places your particular agency of choice is recommending or the way a wedding planner thinks your event should look. Agencies and wedding planning companies often promote the hotels + excursions they have partnerships with or gain a commission on, and have limited options to offer if you're looking for something more unique. Though we are brewing up some partnerships ourselves, they are only with companies + locations that we have used and loved so much we wanted to collaborate + share with you! We will not limit your recs to these partnerships; they are a perk - if we think you'd enjoy something totally out of that realm, then that is what you shall receive! We also pride ourselves on partnering with locally owned businesses whenever possible, meaning your travels help fund the local economy of the place you elope or travel to.

What countries are you able to plan for?

Literally anywhere! Unless there is some sort of travel limitation from your home-base country, there is nowhere too near or far for The Nomad's Direction to build your dream itinerary. Some of our most common destinations for our clients have been: Thailand, Costa Rica, Italy, Spain, Portugal, London, + Cross Country USA Road Trips.

With COVID-19 restrictions, we always make sure the places you want to travel or elope to are safe before planning.

How far in advance should I come to
The Nomad's Direction to plan my trip or event?

It's never too early! (Or too late!) Ideally, when booked with enough notice, we like to turn over the finished product two months before departure or the event date. This gives the client plenty of time to sit and sift through each suggestion + know that they're not in a scramble to book everything immediately. We like wiggle room! However, last-minute trips happen + are totally do-able. There is a small fee for rushed itinerary turnovers, but reach out to us via E-mail, DM or Facebook Messenger to discuss this further.

How does billing work?

Upon filling out the detailed questionnaire, you will receive an automated E-mail response thanking you for your submission + asking to set up a call with one of our coordinators. During the call, your coordinator will learn more about your needs and advise on which package you should purchase. If there aren't any add ons, you can pay on the website. If there are, you can pay directly through PayPal , or through Venmo. For wedding coordinating and planning, you will sign + send back a contract agreeing to terms + conditions after paying the initial standard itinerary's cost. After the initial itinerary is planned, we will invoice you for the hourly charge for booking thereafter if needed.

I'm not an experienced traveler,
can you still plan a trip for me?

Absolutely! When The Nomad's Direction began, we were fueled by this need to show young people that they don't need to be rich to travel. To start, the majority of our clients fell into this demographic, but after a few years under our belts, we now have experience planning honeymoons, family vacations, retreats for groups, and everything in between. Our youngest clients were 16, and our oldest were 70. A wide range of budgets + interests, all successfully planned by The Nomad's Direction. 

What if I'm not happy with what
you've come up with?

Tell us! We won't be offended! The Nomad's Direction is a service; it revolves around experience, not product. Everything is fixable.

For weddings, we'll communicate with you throughout all of the planning and encourage your feedback every step of the way to ensure your event goes exactly how you want it to.

For travel itineraries, we like to recommend multiple activities so you really do have the choice of what works for you + what you think you can pass on. If you have an issue with the accommodation we have suggested, we allow up to 3 edits at no charge per client. Luckily, we have not had to do this yet! But are prepared to work with the client if something does need to be re-worked a bit. If you altered the dates of your trip + need accommodation edits reflecting a new schedule, there will be an additional fee.

There has been an issue with the hotel
you recommended, what do I do?

Once the itinerary is delivered and you have made the bookings yourself, you have full responsibility of communication with the companies you made the reservations with. For example, if you need directions for how to access the hostel from the train station, you wouldn't E-mail The Nomad's Direction for instructions, but contact the hostel directly for assistance. If you arrive at the hotel + there is an issue with your reservation, but we booked the hotel for you, definitely E-Mail us so we can assist on clearing up the issue. To run into booking issues isn't likely, but like anything else in life; bumps in the road do happen, and we are prepared + available to resolve any hiccups that may arise the best way we can.

I think I need a visa to travel to my
country of choice, do you arrange this?

There are a handful of countries that do require a Tourist's Visa in order to visit. Most of the time, you can get these on arrival or just have proof of departure. For the ones that require a little extra work, we hook you up with fully detailed instructions on how to take care of this. Because such important documents are involved in the process of acquiring a Travel Visa (like your passport or birth certificate), obtaining a visa cannot be done for you by our services, even if you have chosen the upgraded itinerary that includes the booking feature. If the process of getting this visa needs to be done sooner than our deadline to turn in your itinerary, we will communicate through E-Mail over this, giving you full step by step guidance.