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Our Statement on Travel

As we approach the colder months and see a spike in cases across the United States, it’s only right to wonder if it’s safe to plan an elopement, microwedding, honeymoon, or a simple vacation during this time. As a company based around travel, we felt it best to be honest and upfront about our policies during this time. Is it safe to travel right now? Unfortunately, the answer is complicated.

While customer service is always our top priority, your safety is even more so. We’d love to be able to tell you it’s safe to elope or travel to wherever in the world you want, but that wouldn’t be true. As much as we pride ourselves on creative solutions to travel and wedding related-issues, we refuse to find “loopholes” for our clients to travel to places they’re not supposed to during this time. 

Every package we offer comes with a COVID-compliance and research clause. This isn’t just for show. Before we even begin to think about planning your event or trip, we spend the time to ensure we’re up to date on travel advisories for the area you’d like to go, research quarantine times, regional protocols, and talk to local vendors to get the best picture of the situation before we start planning. If an area you’d like to isn’t found to be safe by our team, we’ll always recommend a new one or advise you to wait. 

There is good news though! We don’t just plan international odysseys and elaborate other side of the world events. You can elope in your own backyard, have a microwedding on your stoop, or minimoon in your state and see things you never knew existed. We can plan bachelor and bachelorette parties in places just a short drive away and make all of your wedding related travel dreams come true, even if you need to stay close to home. We also can plan travel up to two years out, which hopefully means it will be safe by then!

In a time where everything is up in the air, we promise to keep our clients safe and updated and provide outstanding customer service in the event of cancellations, changes, or general issues. We can’t predict the future, but we can try our hardest to make sure the travel industry is a little more responsible.

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