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Introducing Gina

Gina Jurlando

My name is Gina Jurlando and surprise- I’m the new head of The Nomad’s Direction! You may remember me from a while back when I worked as the operations manager for TND, which is why I’m so excited to continue on this journey of building the vision founder Alexandra Spergel created for The Nomad’s Direction. I’ve got lots of exciting new plans for TND and hope to grow the business into something grand!

Before I go into all of the upcoming changes, I’d like to tell you a bit about myself. I grew up on Long Island, NY but my parents were world travelers for many years before us. After we were born, they didn’t slow down and my twin sister and I could often be found backpacking in the mountains of South America with them or playing soccer with local children in the streets of Italy more than we were in school. While lots of our friends’ families vacationed, we were taught to really travel. Going off the beaten path (literally), staying in huts on the side of a mountain, learning new languages and cultural practices from locals and haggling with customs officials were all the norm by the time we were about 10. As we got older, our school district started complaining about our absences so our travel was less frequent, but there’s no way to get rid of wanderlust. As an adult, I continued my travels and do to this day. 

Because of my less than typical upbringing, I always felt encouraged to create a life for myself that would help others and allow me to be my own boss. I worked in the film industry for a spell and decided that while I didn’t like the hours and lack of helping others, I did like the planning and design aspects of my job. I asked my now husband what he thought I should do and he told me to make a list of all of the things I wanted and didn’t want from a job. When I was finished, I had my new career- wedding planning and design. I got started by emailing a few local planners asking if they needed interns, moved up the ladder and the rest is history. Since I started working in the wedding industry, I’ve helped countless couples plan all types of weddings, from elopements and small backyard weddings to large venue weddings with hundreds of guests.

When the COVID 19 pandemic hit, I saw so many of my clients change their plans from large celebrations to couple only elopements or small microweddings. I found myself spending more time researching vendors and travel regulations, changing timelines, and advising on where it would be safe to elope to than I ever had before. Thus the idea for the relaunch of The Nomad’s Direction was born. The Nomad’s Direction will now be pivoting to focus more on small elopements, microweddings and honeymoons for the time being. We’re still happy to help plan your travels as well, but we’ve seen a need for more wedding industry focused travel planner for a while and we’re excited to fill that role. In addition to my planning, I hope to be able to match couples with local vendors who now more than ever need the support of clients to rebuild after this financially devastating year. 

As a newlywed, I understand the urge to get married when you planned on it, but it’s also incredibly frustrating to have to plan a giant party for the future in hopes that the pandemic *might* slow down or a new vaccine will work, while also dealing with the stresses of life in the middle of a pandemic. That’s where I come in. As a wedding planner, I’m inherently a researcher. Need to know if you can marry yourselves sans officiant on the top of a mountain in Colorado? I got you! (Hint: You can). Want to figure out travel plans for a small elopement with family in a country you can safely travel to? I’m on it. Honeymoon questions? I’m here to help. I work best in the details, which in wedding and travel planning, there are no small number of. 

I’ll be explaining some more of the details of our pivot over the next few weeks and offering discounts to our first few clients, but for now, I’ve got work to do!

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