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Travel Forecast 2021: Road Trips

Road Trip

While it's definitely harder to travel this year, it can still be done. We've seen a huge uptick in people taking road trips due to their naturally distanced and safe nature. Road trips are easily going to double in popularity in 2021 as we've already seen so many in 2020. AAA predicted that Americans would take 700 million road trips in the summer of 2020 alone and we don't see signs of that stopping. So what does planning a road trip entail?

When planning a road trip it's important to first ensure that your destination or destinations are safe to travel to. A road trip can be to a place a mere hour away or cross country if you’ve got the time! But wherever you go, it’s important to ensure that you're not going to be putting yourself or others at risk. Many state and local guidelines can be found on the CDC website. If you have friends who live in different states, it’s a good idea to ask them if they think travel is safe as well considering they’re living where you want to go!  Get tested before you leave and while on the trip if it’s a long one. Some states may require that you quarantine when you return home as well. While on your journey maintaining social distancing and wearing a mask in public is still going to be just as important as it is at home. 

Now for the fun part- your itinerary! Are you trying to hit as many national parks as possible? Do you want to visit every weird roadside attraction Route 66 has to offer? The best thing about road trips is the freedom to do basically whatever you want, even if you don’t have a set itinerary. The Nomad’s Direction is currently planning a few road trips where our clients just gave us a starting and ending point and let us fill in the rest. If you want a little more control over your trip, we’re always happy to research activities, restaurants, places to stay and more once we have your timeline and travel likes and dislikes.

No car? No problem! Many companies are also renting out camper vans and RV's if you don't have a car and want to check out the growing van life movement. In 2020 we saw a spike in the number of camper van rental companies that combine the necessity of a car for a road trip with safe lodgings as many travelers felt uncomfortable staying in hotels or AirBnbs. Travel blogger Kristen of Bearfoot Theory summed up 22 different van rental companies in her blog post last year and The Outbound also has a great list! If you want more room, RV rental companies have also grown in popularity! Some even offer renting another family’s RV which means you may not even have to go into a major city to get started. Most companies allow for pick up and drop off in major cities, allowing for tons of opportunities just a stone’s throw away from home. From bare bones vans with mattresses to fully solar tiny home, vans and RV’s are one of the safest ways to travel for 2021.

If you don’t want to stay in a van or RV but don’t mind being outdoors, camping can be an even safer option. Many travelers camp in their cars or have full tent set ups. They even make inflatable car mattresses! Whichever you choose, a good sleeping bag and sleeping pad is key to ensure you’re well rested for your drive and activities along the way. While campsites are filling up fast with reservations in the new year, apps like Tentrr or Campendium can help you find off the beaten path campsites and parking areas that won’t be as crowded. 

Planning a road trip can be lots of fun, but also a lot of work depending on your timeline, budget and amount of time you have to research. But don’t worry, The Nomad’s Direction is here to help. We LOVE planning road trips, whether they be weekend getaways with friends or a month long honeymoon, we’ve planned for every type of road trip under the sun. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you hop on the road trip bandwagon!

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