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8 Reasons Why Hiring A Travel Planner Is A Great Idea

Because everyone should ride camels through the Sahara Desert in North Africa before returning to their “campsite” with Wi-Fi, air conditioning, and four coursed meals.

 Online travel agencies, and more specifically, travel planners, are the new wave to the travel industry. If you were once skeptical or have never given thought to using a service such as this, check out this list of 8 reasons why you might like to reconsider:

1. You have no idea what you’re doing, but you know you want to see the world

No one just wakes up one day with infinite knowledge on how to be a well organized planner, especially when you’re planning a vacation. It takes loads of practice and repetition before you know your go-to research sites to find things like the most affordable flight, the trendiest hotel, or the most delicious burger. We can’t tell you how many clients we’ve had come to us out of desperation after sitting in front of their computer for hours and still ending up with 18 tabs open, a fight with their husband, elbow deep in a bag of chips stress-eating because nothing got done. Sometimes this leads to a slap down of the laptop and a forfeit of the trip all together. Other times it ends up collecting dust in the backs of our brains until a few weeks before we’re ready to leave, causing us to spend double or triple the amount on flights than a planner could have gotten them for. Don’t be that person! By using travel planners like The Nomad’s Direction, it will be guaranteed that your stress levels will be down and your excitement levels will be up after seeing the completed itinerary. You’ll be glad you didn’t book that cute Airbnb…. which ended up being 10 miles outside of the actual city center.

2. You’re stressed up to your eyeballs with work and life and don’t have the patience to devote hours of your day to researching

Listen, we understand Control Freaks, because we are Control Freaks. Handing over the reins to plan something as memorable as a honeymoon or a family vacation can be difficult. But do you really want to sit in front of another excel sheet or binder to budget and plan and research after an entire year of wedding planning? Does how you picture yourself getting off of work on a busy day usually end up with you at a desk with a pencil in hand and your reading glasses on, just doing more work? Give yourself a break! You deserve it. When you utilize the services of The Nomad’s Direction, everything is flexible - so even that inner squirming Control Freak persona can voice their opinions and concerns to us and we’ll make sure everyone is happy with the final product.

3. Travel agents are outdated.

It’s sad, but it’s true. No one’s walking into their neighborhood travel agency anymore, and they’re definitely not going glamping through them either. The only recommendations travel agents are able to give their customers come from a source of partnerships they have with other companies; leaving out the incredible and innovative new side of the travel industry. They won’t tell you about the luxury hostels that have rooftop bars, live music in the lobby, and free bike rentals included for $20 a night, and they may not even connect you with the cheapest flight option available for your destination. Just a few sites we use are  TRVL and Booking.com which help us cross reference and find the best option for our clients, rather than the best option for our own financial benefit. Even if you’re familiar with those hotel focused search engines, if you hire a travel planner like The Nomad’s Direction, we’d focus on the whole trip rather than just your transport and sleeping arrangements. Maybe you’re more into hiking than shopping, or prefer the beach to the city. In the past, a travel agent would book your flights and send you on your merry way. Presently, the whole basis of The Nomad’s Direction is revolved around customization. We can offer much more personalized options from meals to excursions and more for just a fraction of the cost of a travel agent.

4. You want to cover more ground.

This view took 3 busses and 1 ferry to get to. Without a customized guide explaining how to get there, our clients never would have been able to reach it on their own.

 So you’re going to Paris, but you’re actually also super interested in checking out the regions of Champagne. The only thing is, how the hell do you figure out the public transport system to travel over two hours and everyone is speaking French? Better save it for “next time.” Nope! The Nomad’s Direction wants to guide you out of your comfort zone. Whether you’re taking a day trip or have enough time to explore a few countries in one trip, we got you covered, linking you to your ferry tickets, train tickets, car rental reservations, and more. The itinerary will explain how to get from A to B, how much it will cost, and how long it will take.

5. You hate to travel, but you love your best friend who books a flight every other month, and her birthday is coming up so...

You buy her a gift card! It has been scientifically proven that gifting experiences leaves longer lasting effects of happiness for both the giver and the receiver. We offer gift cards reflective of every duration of itinerary, from the long weekend getaway to a soul-searching commitment trip of 1+ months. This makes a perfect present for the traveling birthday girl, newly engaged couple, recently retired grandparents, existentialist hippie cousin… and well, everyone else.

6. You don’t want to miss out on events

This bar in Lisbon used to be a brothel in the 1700s. It kept its vintage decor and feel, and still features burlesque shows multiple times a week. A martini with a sexy show and some history? Yes please!

 Ever seen the Red Hot Chili Peppers in Barcelona for $50? We didn’t think so. But you could have, if you had booked your customized itinerary far enough in advance through The Nomad’s Direction.One of the best things about working with us is that we’ve got friends all over the world. This means we have our finger on the pulse of what’s actually happening where you’ll be traveling. Sure you can go see the Eiffel Tower but did you know there’s also a speakeasy where your favorite musician is playing an acoustic set that night? Or what about the the national yodeling competition in Switzerland happening steps from your hostel door? We take the time to reach out to our contacts all over the world for each trip to check in on any cool concerts, shows, events, food festivals, and other things that only happen once in a blue moon.

7. Because you don’t want to spend $500 on a flight the person next to you got for $250

You know when someone compliments your new coat, and you’re like, “thanks! It was on sale!! $50 bucks!!!” That’s how we feel…. every time we score you a great deal. Yeah, we’re saving you the money, but it also means we’re doing our jobs right, and that’s something to shout about. When The Nomad’s Direction launched, we wanted to help low budget travelers make the most of their money. Now, while continuing to work with the backpackers, we also create travel plans for more luxurious and less frugal vacationers. Let me tell you something… rich people also love a great deal. Who wants to spend more than they have to, ever? We cross reference every hotel search engine site to make sure you’re getting the best possible deal, and the same thing goes for flights and other activities that require a reservation. The time we have allotted to each itinerary and our expertise in travel planning assures you you’ll stay within budget.

8. Peace of mind.

Plans have a way of falling apart. Such is life. Maybe the hotel you’ve been peeping on Instagram is having construction done to their pool and it’s no longer available to book due to the noise. Or maybe you just got dumped by the boyfriend you’ve been planning on going to Hawaii with for the last 7 months and are now wondering if you should cancel or turn this into a healing heart’s solo trip. At The Nomad’s Direction, we believe in a plan B… and a plan C… and if you really want one, a plan D. When we recommend places to stay, we won’t just send you one great hotel; you’ll get a few options featuring a hotel, an Airbnb, and a bed and breakfast (for example) where you ultimately make the final decision. Each client is also allowed up to 3 edits to their itinerary at no additional cost. So if there’s anything you want us to re-work, re-search, or add in - just let us know! We’re happy to send over the most updated revised version which better meets your newly rearranged needs.

If that didn’t convince you, make sure to check our Frequently Asked Questions page to learn even more in depth about how we, The Nomad’s Direction, work as a company and as an itinerary provider.

Happy travels!


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