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Blog Launch: The Nomad's Direction

While hiking, we may not always see the summit we are walking toward. Most trails start off on flat ground, steps from where we parked our cars. The Earth is soft under our boots, we can kick the dust from underneath each step. Winded we become, as the altitude climbs and climbs. We stop for a break. Sometimes others speed past us and we’re left there thinking, “What the fuck kind of vitamins do I have to take to catch up with that guy?” Until again, he is out of sight, and the only thing we have left to compare are our longer breaths with our shorter ones. We may tire after a few hours, then suddenly find a surge of energy as the path begins to flatten out again. We meet people along the way, cordially mentioning the weather or our progress. We meet animals, chirping and scurrying. We notice things about each we meet; their speed, their peace, what motivates them, and the simple things. Our digestion of how life flows around us has a bigger influence on our own growth even if we don’t even realize it.

This blog is a new friend I met on this path of building this business. When I started The Nomad’s Direction in 2016, it was merely a side hustle that I worked on from bed after returning from my full time job as an event coordinator. I’d work when I had clients, but didn’t do much to promote or market. Two years later I had office space. The Nomad’s Direction was growing and I was ready to invest more of my time, effort, and money into it. Today I work full time and it continues to grow in new ways constantly.

Never did I picture myself as a “travel blogger.” I’m the gritty chick who wears the same tee shirts I wear to bed as when I hike. My face gets beet-red when the asthma starts to kick in and I rarely wear make up. I love all of this about myself and am at a place in my life, at 25 years old, where I am nothing but authentically me, warming to those who accept me and continuing past those who do not. I didn’t want to be the face of my company, I just wanted to guide others and consult them about their travels. It felt like too much pressure to always look good for the photo and become even more attached to my phone or laptop for work. However, along the way within these last few years of running The Nomad’s Direction and building the brand, I realized I had the most positive feedback from those who I worked with on a more personal level. It wasn’t just the guide that they loved having in their hands, it was the stories I told of my own travels, the pictures I shared and the sarcastic jokes I told as we sat around my desk mapping out their plan.

I also learned that there is a demand for more than what the itineraries provide. Sure, I can tell you how to get there, where to stay, which free walking tour is the best, which beach is the least crowded, where to get the best margarita, and so on. But you guys also seem to want to know which books to bring, where to buy a leather journal, what to pack, if you should get health insurance, if there’s Uber in the city, if… why… which… when…. how…. which….. the questions are sometimes endless.

Practice what you preach, right? It’s what we say to those who make it look so easy without sharing what it took to get there. Here is me showing you how I practice. Nothing is easy, but the first step to making dreams happen is by braving the beast, and continuing on that journey even when the peak is nowhere in sight. The success of my company is the peak, and even though I already feel successful, there’s always more to do and learn. I had no idea The Nomad’s Direction would take me to these heights a few years ago, and I believe it’s nowhere but up from here. So I wanted to introduce myself a bit further, and engage deeper with those who are clients of mine or are simply curious about how this all goes down. I’m ready to continue developing to further make it up that hill as well as continue to be influenced by everything I do and see along the way.

These blog posts will answer the above exampled (real) questions I’ve had from clients, along with introductory written pieces by others in the industry, more personal creative posts, how to deal with “the hard stuff” while traveling, and more.

I’m very excited to get to know each other even better and to share a bigger part of myself with my business. I recently learned that how we love in one sector of our life translates to all other forms of love. This also goes for the way we put our love into our work. I am ready to expand on that, so stay tuned for more to come.

I would love to hear which travel themed topics you’d like to read about for future publishings! So comment below any ideas you have.

Happy travels,

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