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Travel Tips: Best Backpacks & Luggage For Your Trip

Plenty of clients of The Nomad’s Direction are taking on a “new” kind of trip they have yet to experience. Maybe it will be their first time using Airbnb, or their first time using public transportation like trains or buses to get from city to city, or maybe they just haven’t traveled in a while and need a refresh on the basics.

A popular question we often get revolves around some theme of packing. And how can you pack without having something to pack INTO? Here is a compilation of some of our favorite bags and suitcases perfect for any kind of trip.

The Day Trip:
This bag is great for day tripping on your travels. Good to bring on a hike and pack things like your water bottle, camera, and a poncho. Good for walking around a city in general and have too many things to bring along that otherwise would not fit into a purse.

  • For Hikes: The ZOMAKE Lightweight Backpack is definitely one of my favorites. It’s water resistant so great for any kind of weather while protecting the items inside, as well as not being an issue if you end up by some hot springs, the beach, or a waterfall. It also folds down completely to fit into a small pouch, so if you’re packing for a long-term trip it won’t take up much room at all in your other luggage. It comes in 11 colors and is under $20! Click the photo to purchase product from Amazon.


  • Getting Around The City: When you’re walking for up to 8 miles a day exploring European cities and are tired of keeping your camera, phone, shopping bags + leftover baguette in your shoulder purse, it’s great to use one of these mini backpacks with plenty of space inside. I am partial to this model by Michael Kors just because I love his line of bags and it’s super durable and fashionable. If this black leather mini backpack is out of your budget, take a stroll down the bag aisle in TJ Maxx or Marshall’s and you’re guaranteed to find something similar. Forever21.com also has a multitude of options. Click the photo to purchase the product from Amazon. $158, free shipping.


7-10 Days of Travel:
Let’s face it, not everyone is a “backpack” kind of traveler. As The Nomad’s Direction has expanded, we have worked with clients in all demographics of gender, race, class, and age. Suitcases are still extremely popular amongst travelers, so here are two great and affordable options for a standard 7-10 trip!

  • The Suitcase: 100% go for spinner wheels, always. You’ll thank us later! This versatile way of making it through the airport is easy on the back and wrists, and most offered come with a “hardside” exterior. While companies like Away are have been popping up in the start-up travel world, their luggage is extremely durable but can also break the bank depending on what kind of budget you’re working with. Again, we like a little funk to our flow, so we recommend these suitcases by Betsey Johnson. They’re only $100 and come in 12 different styles, with a 5 year warranty, and fit in carry-on compartments for most airlines. There are some reviews about damage from TSA, but this is where the warranty comes in! And I have personally never had an issue, with my luggage bag perfectly in tact after multiple trips. Click the photo to purchase through Amazon. ($20 less than Betsey Johnson website advertises for!) 

The Backpack: Ok, this is my FAVORITE backpack ever! I’ve had it for 5 years when I took my first “real” backpacking trip to Bali, Thailand, Laos and Vietnam. I can’t believe it’s been 5 years already, but this bag has survived it all. I love it so much that I even use it for mini-trips like 5 days in Florida or a week in Colorado. It has never ending pockets and it’s also super easy to stuff things in between pockets as well as tying to the outside of the bag (extra shoes!) At no surprise, this bag continues to be the top selling internal frame backpack on Amazon. Ranging from just $60-$70 (depending on color) this bag could not be recommended high enough. Perfect for an intro to backpacking and will last forever. Click on the photo to purchase on Amazon.

Additional Bags for Long Term Travel:
With traveling comes shopping, even when it’s not our focus of the trip, there’s no stopping that stop to the souvenir shop or treating ourselves to that amazing pair of pants that WE MUST HAVE. When I backpacked Europe for 4 months by myself, I had my Teton on my back, my mini day-backpack on my front, and a duffel bag carried by hand to the side. Every few weeks I’d ship home whatever I couldn’t handle carrying anymore, but this set-up really worked for me. I checked my Teton whenever I boarded a flight, and kept my backpack close while my duffel was on the cabin above. It was also super convenient when train and bus traveling, so here are some other essential bags that could be useful for those Nomad’s who are traveling a bit longer term.


    • The Duffel: We love the Herschel Mid-Volume duffle because it provides tons of space while being unisex, stylish, and durable. It’s extremely versatile - use it for the gym when you’re home from your travels! Great reviews, you can’t go wrong with Herschel. This bag is $60 on Amazon, but the brand also makes smaller sizes and versions of the similar bag at a wide range of pricing. Click photo to purchase on Amazon.






    • The Fannypack: As much as we hate to admit it, the fanny pack has made a HARD comeback this year, and we are not complaining. Knowing where your passport, phone, charger, and $$ are without having a mini heart sinking panic attack every hour on the hour sounds pretty ideal. If you’re the worrisome traveler or are just looking for a conveniently placed lil’ pouch, this Boho pack is for you. Under $15 from Amazon, and the link opens up to a ton of other similar styles below. Click the photo to purchase.



      That concludes our top recommended bags for travel. Have a brand or product you love? Recommend to other Nomads in the comments below. Have some other ideas you’d like to suggest for blog posts? The comment section is for you too :)

      Happy travels,

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