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This Lakeside Resort Makes The Perfect Weekend Getaway From NYC

The majority of our clients here at The Nomad's Direction reside somewhere in the tri-state area (New Jersey, Connecticut, New York) and as much as we obsess over creating perfect honeymoons, elongated backpacking trips, and overseas vacations - the demand for simple weekend getaways is real. 

We consider a "weekend getaway" to be a minimum of 2 nights, and no longer than five and a half hours of driving. Seems fair, right? So we sat down and looked at the map of all the coolest and most enticing locations in that range, and just. kept. landing. on. Lake. Placid. 

Of all of the countries we've visited, there is so much in - not even our own country - but our own STATE that has gone overlooked for too long. I think we can all agree that a 2-night reset can provide a nice amount clarity, inspiration, and refreshment. So don't feel bad if your bank account is stopping you from buying a flight to Rome this season; we can guarantee that just five and a half hours outside your door is that decompression you're looking for. 

Just a 20 minute drive from our stay at Mirror Lake Inn is the Adirondack Lodge (Loj) which is the starting point of many incredible hikes in the area. We rented some shoe spikes at the Welcome Center to slip over our hiking boots which helped us stay safe while trekking over ice!

So why Lake Placid?

We were most attracted to Lake Placid because it is a perfect year-round destination. In the summer the season is at an all time high with visitors renting kayaks and paddle boards to enjoy on their many lakes, Main Street being packed with wanderers and strollers window shopping and food tasting. During Winter, the activity is pretty high on the weekends but tends to die down a lot during the week. Travelers can enjoy snowmobile riding, sleigh horse rides through the tundra, snowboarding, ice fishing, and even visiting the official Olympic Winter Sports complex. 

Where we slept.

During our stay, we were graciously hosted at the Mirror Lake Inn just down the block from Main Street, located on Mirror Lake. There was a lot of hype around this place! It received the 4 star Diamond Award in Hospitality, has been featured in USA Today as the #3 spot on the 10 Best Waterfront Resorts in America and is family owned and operated. We loved the idea of such a popular place remaining so true to it's community roots. It holds a strong history, as well. The Mirror Lake Inn was established in 1926 and survived the Great Depression (even managing to add on rooms and make improvements.) 

(Image provided by the Mirror Lake Inn)

This place is no joke. Our suite was in the Colonial House which is located directly on the lake itself, with a spacious balcony and complete with classic Adirondack chairs. The ensuite bathroom was bigger than my bedroom in my Brooklyn apartment and boasted dual sink and vanities, a massive jacuzzi big enough to fit a small family, and a stone shower with not 1... not 2... not 3... but 4 shower heads. (Who NEEDS that? No one. Who LOVED that? Me.)

We then turned the corner which opened up to our spacious suite, about the size of my entire apartment. Furnished with a couch and lounge chairs, a California King sized bed, an electric fireplace, mini kitchenette complete with coffee, tea, welcoming cheese plate, and chocolates from the Adirondack Chocolate Factory - needless to say we felt welcomed to a weekend of relaxation. 

Each morning we ate breakfast at The View, just one of Mirror Lake Inn's three dining options. Immaculate service, an incredible breakfast spread each day, and a view overlooking the frozen lake and snow capped peaks behind. I enjoyed a bagel with smoked salmon, chive cream cheese, a fresh squeezed orange juice, and a cappuccino. My partner enjoyed an eggs benedict with black coffee and fresh squeezed orange juice. All was delicious and well, and a great way to start our days.

Our breakfast spread provided by the Mirror Lake Inn at their restaurant "The View"

Although the room you may end up being placed in won't be located in the main lodge, you will surely spend some time there. The ground floor is home to a gorgeous indoor spa with services from a hair blowout to manicures, massages and facials. If you're not interested in an added on spa service, guests of the resort can use their heated indoor pool spa which offers a different experience but is still relaxing and screams self-care!

Moving up from the ground floor is the main area which has two out of their three dining options, a bar, a reading room (our FAVORITE), and other lounge areas. Several Christmas trees inhabited the space, and even if you don't celebrate the holiday there is no doubt that your surroundings here will put you in the spirit.

 If visiting during the Holiday Season...

Take advantage of the amazing holiday themed events going around both at the resort and around town! The Mirror Lake Inn hosts an annual fundraiser called "Joy To The Children" where visitors come from all over the high peaks to donate money to Lake Placid's youth programs. Everything is decked out with twinkling lights, the smell of evergreen and pine, freshly baked cookies at the front desk, hot cocoa or cider, and everything else you can think of that puts you right in the holiday spirit. 

Final thoughts

Mirror Lake Inn is 100% worth it. Definitely our top place to stay in Lake Placid! If your budget doesn't match their rate, fill out the questionnaire on our homepage and we will direct you to a more budget friendly option, along with all of the specific activities that best match what you are looking for on this trip.

We will definitely be back in the summer time to camp out on the lake and experience a more rustic and nature immersed time at Lake Placid.

Lake Placid makes a great weekend getaway destination in New York. It is surrounded by the Adirondack High Peaks which are easily accessible for a hike, and there is something for everyone here. 

 With temperatures in the teens, we had the perfect opportunity to test out the brand new heated vest by AKASO. It's battery powered, comes with a USB charger, and heats the front and back of your body. We only team with brands that align with our mission, and knew this vest could come in handy on a winter trip. We were not wrong! 10/10 recommend, you can buy one here!


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