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Budget Travel In The Caribbean Is Possible!

I loved how close Sailing Virgins crewhouse was from the ferry dock, making it super easy to reach The Baths on Virgin Gorda - just one of the many amazing ways I spent my days in British Virgin Islands

 When most people think of traveling to the Caribbean, they picture all-inclusive resorts and cruises. While these options are abundant, travelers should not feel limited to them as there are many alternative options popping up for those of us who are more conscious of our monetary spending while on vacation.

We spent a full month hopping around several Caribbean islands to scope out the best of the best for our money-conscious Nomads, as well as keeping up with the changes that came post-hurricanes Maria and Irma.

One of our favorite budget stays so far has been with Sailing Virgins in the British Virgin Islands.

Sailing Virgins is a sailing school for beginners and intermediates that caters to the age range of 20-40s. It’s currently known as the best sailing school in the Caribbean, and it’s not just because of their grade-A instructors. Working with and learning from the Sailing Virgins is FUN. Rather than just focusing on the know-hows of sailing, the music gets cranked and the vibes are friendly, encouraging the social aspect of this venture rather than limiting it to education.

Even if sailing isn’t your thing, you can still stay in their crewhouse connected with the Castle Maria Hotel for the cheapest stay on Tortola island. Hostels are essentially nonexistent in the Caribbean with the exception of a rare few, and the crewhouse brings you those communal vibes and low cost without the overpacking of bodies into bunks and common spaces.

I genuinely loved my stay in their sleep pods for the 3 nights I was in Tortola. Located in Road Town just minutes from the ferry dock, the neighborhood makes it super easy to flag down a taxi or head out on a day trip. There are only 6 beds in the room and the pod bunks are designed so that even with a room of 5 others, you have your own private space. A reading light and curtain comes with each enclosed bed and it still comfortable for the most claustrophobic. Each bed has its own set of clean and soft sheets along with a towel. Housekeeping comes every day at 4 PM to straighten up and clean the bathroom and kitchenette.

The room itself is super bright and airy giving beach vibes, with a little kitchenette perfect for preparing your own meals and a balcony for hanging out and having a smoke. There is an ensuite bathroom with a full shower spouting great pressure and warmth, which can be tough to come by in the Caribbean!

Tortola itself is bouncing back as best it can from the hurricane damages, with the best beachfront bars and restaurants back in action with live music and events going on regularly. As mentioned before, the convenient location of Sailing Virgins pod crewhouse to the ferry dock is perfect for a day trip to Virgin Gorda.

If you’re interested in learning more about what Sailing Virgins offers, or booking your stay in a sleep pod, check out their website here! For direct booking to the crewhouse, you can reserve your pod right here.

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