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Why You Need To Stay In This Caribbean Treehouse

When Americans think about traveling to the Caribbean, we envision all-inclusive resorts and cruises; little to no interaction with locals, a utopian excursion to escape from the cold back North. But this is a narrative the Caribbean should not be reduced to. With vibrant culture, welcoming friendly people, and delicious local food; there is much more going on down here than what is typically advertised.

For the month of February into March, I backpacked a bunch of islands in the Caribbean to check out which ones were ready for tourism post-hurricane madness of 2018, and how I can plan for The Nomad’s Direction clients who are working on a tighter budget and want to visit this tropical haven.

One of my favorite places to stay while I was on this little island hopping tour was at the Hideaways of Ti Bay Heights in Dominica. For those of you who haven’t heard much about Dominica, it’s a little island just North of Martinique that is super lush, filled with jungles, waterfalls, mineral pools, beaches, and mountains.

I especially loved staying at Hideaway because the hilltop cottages were all built by the owners themselves. Crispin, who is native to Dominica, and Jennifer, who is originally from Pennsylvania, live on the property full time with their puppies and are the sole caretakers of the property. Each cottage is private, as private as they can be with only 3 complete walls. The fourth is always left open with major cutouts or nothing at all to have a completely uninterrupted view of the mountains, hills, and sea beyond.

We stayed in both the Fou Fou cottage and the Madé cottage. While Fou Fou is great for a couple or single-traveler, Madé is best for groups. Both cottages are duplexes which is nice because even if traveling with just one other person, you can separate yourselves to enjoy different aspects of your environment. A special moment I had was while reading with my feet posted up on the banister, the mountains in perfect view, beneath me on the deck downstairs my travel partner was enjoying his own majestic views while lifting weights and listening to music.


Incredible homemade baked bread and a plate full of locally picked fruits for breakfast.

The cottages at Hideaways of Ti Bay Heights all have a full kitchen with anything you may need to cook. Pots and pans, coffee maker, fresh drinkable water, olive oil, spices, and more. While on vacation many people like to explore the surrounding restaurants, but we found that cooking at home was much more enjoyable. This accommodation has a retreat energy to it; you just want to relax and stay put, continuing to enjoy the changing light, the changing weather, the various animals that come to say hello from your hilltop.

Breakfast is included and provided, each day the “menu” changes. Jennifer bakes, and Crispin delivers. The ingredients and plates are written on a large leaf, which is such a cute touch! The breakfast was delicious -Jennifer’s apricot, banana, cinnamon bread was TO DIE FOR.

Rainbow views from our cottage.

Along with all this good stuff, housekeeping is also included, and Jennifer works like a concierge - ready to help her guests with any tour bookings or rentals they may need. She helped us arrange a jeep rental (which is pretty necessary on the island of Dominica) during one of the busiest times of year (Carnival!) and even helped us arrange our ferry schedule before we departed for Martinique.

When you are ready to book your stay here in Dominica, do so on their Airbnb as it is the most up to date and easiest to communicate and stay organized. If you have never used Airbnb before, or are traveling with someone who does not yet have an Airbnb account, sign up using this link for $40 off your first stay of $75 or more!

Feel free to ask any questions in the comments below about our stay here in Dominica, or questions about the Caribbean in general!


Happy travels,




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